Content – not position – is king?

Once again critiria for SEM is being discussed. An article by Brandt Dainow CEO, ThinkMetricson, on imediaconnection claims that the consumers are getting so used to navigating through search that number one position loses effect, and instead the text is being the most important factor in the choice of “which-of-these-damn-5.786.365-results-to-click”.  Brandt says “The number one position in the listings is not the best position. No ad position is any better than any other. The factor which has the most bearing on your chance of being clicked on is the text in your ad, not the ad’s position.” . Read the whole story here.

Still I’m not sure I agree – We still have the fear of scrolling barrier to break through to even get the text exposed. So perhaps it’s not necessary being the one, but still I would like to be visible in the “no-scrolling-window”.  


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