Super Bowl Ads on Youtube

Just read that Youtube annonunced that all the Ads from Super bowl on the 4th of february will be exposed on the site and a voting is set up with the final judgement after two days. The winner will air on the front of youtube on the 6th of february. That’s indeed pretty interesting and once again sets the scene for super bowl being the essence of mass-media ad hysteria. As the media landscape gets more fragmented only few events can gather so many viewers. Some will say that the super bowl ads through this, will prolong their expensive lifes in the new media world, but perhaps it’s even more a sign of youtube not longer being new media, but a mass media which has the best of both worlds. I’ll be very interestig to know how many views this two-day YouTube gallery can generate.

And just to memorize the former (and contemporary?) effect of super bowl ads:


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