Google Phone??

I just wanted to take a short note on all the Phone talk these days. I love the idea about the iPhone. I love apple, but are even more exited about being able to access the web on the go… Not as it is now with hopeless usability and huge constraints in the content available. But the features about accessing the web the way it is planned on iPhone are pretty sweet.

But in my apple excitement I obviously missed the talk about the Google Phone.  As Google is such a heavy player on the navigation in the web today, all major hardware developer ought to be considering a  good deal with google essential for succes – my opinion. Also why I liked the last Steve Jobs keynote where he invited content providers to back the launch of the Phone.

But that’s also why I don’t really understand the rumours of Google Phone. Google launching hardware? That seems strange for me. I see there’s been rumours of partnerships with phone providers, but why back iPhone just to make a futute competitor so much stronger. As I see it iPhone wouldn’t be so strong without Google. With Google earth and the search and the whole customization idea, the software fits a portable hardware device perfectly. But why support apple, if a competitive launch is just ahead???


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