Green marketing

On the hook on the latest climate report, it’s obvious to discuss how this – hopefully – coming trend will affect the marketing world. In these last years of wealth we have focused on the consumers wanting mass luxury, high-end goods, comfort equipment all wrapped up in a feeling of over-consumption and the-bigger-the-better culture. We have tuned in on an auience wanting more and more.

How do we handle a (hopefully) coming change where it’s no longer the common sense that a big SUV or a big engine Hummer is what symbolize class, but it’s something you expect to be able to explain according to a common denominator of  social responsability. If it’s more accepted to spend the extra wealth on green products instead of more or bigger? A time where we no longer buy furniture, kitchens and cars as it is fashion – to be used and changed and trashed on and on. Where we trick on a feeling of responsability instead of consumption.

I think it’s really interesting – and best of all really important. ’cause as marketing people this change will affect our ways of thinking. And I hope we can help make this thing reach the magical tipping point where my friends will brack about buying a green car instead of a SUV.

John Grant is working hard on these issues right now and a visit at his greenormal blog is worth quite a few minutes (hours or more) of reading. I haven’t had time to read it all yet, but it seems promising and interesting – and above all – it seems honest! A little quote from the book to be… (hope you don’t mind?)

“Green marketing is about making (breakthrough) green stuff seem normal
– and not about making normal stuff seem green.” – John Grant

Read the blog , buy the book and start saving the world 🙂


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