I have Joost Beta!!!

Nice to see blogs in action. After posting my wish for a joost login I’ve now got it. Already and plenty. So that’s just perfect…

So I willing to share, so let me know if you want an invitation… I’ll give all I get away through my blog… So write me… and knowledge about joost is welcome too…


27 responses to “I have Joost Beta!!!

  1. Ramunas Gintalas

    Hello, it would be great to get an invitation. Thanks

  2. Hi there if theres any chance of an invite I’d be mighty grateful! – If there any techy utils u need in return just let me know as I have a pretty huge collection.

  3. hi i would really appreciate an invite also if there are any going.

  4. Hi! I would really like one too. Thanks!

  5. An invite would be most kind of you!

    Thanks in advance

  6. I would love one as well please

  7. would love an invite as i want to become a broadcaster too, possibly….


  8. morten munk-hansen

    Hi Pernille,

    I would love to have a login to Joost, see you soon at Village Acedemy.

    Regards Morten 🙂

  9. Hi!
    Please send me an invite to joost. much appreciate it.

    Nazeer N.V

  10. Hello

    pless sent me an invite thanx

  11. Hello

    pless sent me an invite thanx


    Best Regards Jackcræft

  12. Thank you for offering your Joost invites and by chance if you have any left I would like to have one.

    Thank you again for your help


  13. Hey, i would love to be invited, to Joost

    Thank you 😉

  14. do you have any invites left if so could u send me one…thanks

  15. David Kingsidaphone

    Hey all…dying to get a Joost invite. Please pass along if you have an invite.



  16. somebody have an invite for me? thx!

  17. I’d appreciate an invite – here in Africa we are often last in the row. arnon@websurfer.co.za

  18. I would LOOOOVE an invite:)

  19. I’d appreciate a joost invite. Thanks so much!

  20. I found your blog when searching for Joost invites. I would appreciate an invite if you still have any available.


  21. If any joost login invitation left, I would appreciate one.

  22. If you have any invtations availible, I certainly would appreciate your kindness. I am eager to develop something….thanks

  23. It would seem that many have been asking for a Joost invite and I am afraid I cannot disappoint you by saying that I do not wish to have one. So (read in a most grovelling voice), I would be eternally grateful if you could be everso gracious and send me that elusive invite to Joost. For me it would be very much like getting the golden choocolate wrapper from Willy Wonka.

    Many thanks

  24. Hey,
    Looks like joost could be the next big thing and predominantly screw cable and other pay tv subscribers in the arse a little… It would be good if someone could hook me up with a joost invite means i could check this thing out and see if its worth building a Joost pc…

    any chance for a invite?


  25. please send me a joost invite.

    Many thanks

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