All that love and care in London

Last week I went to London with some of my Carat collegueas visiting the Micosoft Advertising center with a new long name which I have a hard time remembering (hope the ad agency developing the naming of the Microsoft ad unit will suffer a long time with writer’s cramp after putting four long words together in a name)

But walking the street (and shops) of London I remarked a nice feel of love. There was (red) campaigns everywhere, t-shirt print has changed from “This is made by beer” to “save the whales”, Marks & Spencers new program was fantastic and I felt a lot of joy seeing how well a lot of good causes was integrated in the marketing mix.

Mostly I adored M&S perfectly integrated 4 step solution. First of all I’m allways thrilled to see all the nice and fresh grossaries in there (which is 500 % more delicious than in the best supermarket in Denmark) and then I my mood of joy I saw all these little hints, with a combination of things good for me and things good for everything around me (the climate and so..). I loved it – M&S – PLEASE come to Denmark – we need you!



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