This is a really good example on how a lot of the exiting web 2.0 applications can be a huge part of a wide range of companies product innovation in the coming years. The feature showed in this video is really something that could make a difference for me in my choice of vehicle. Especially in a world where it is so difficult to make a difference. All cars (I’ve seen) on the market today are able to fullfil my car-needs. I don’t really care about all the “car”-specific numbers and stuff – all I care for is how it affects the environment and besides that I’m done – which leaves me with quite a wide selection. So it is the ability to make a difference that will make the outcome. So I just hope they will make this available in mini coopers too, because design is another element that will make an easy choice…

This is something that would make me talk about a product (see, it already is)



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