Advertising on Joost

 Joost soon seems to be ready to leave beta. With all beta testers receiving 999 invites, the friend edition and now announcing advertisers this hyped application must leave the teething troubles behind. But even though every week brings news about networks collaborating, advertisers chipping in and new versions getting released, I still feel Joost lacks content. The networks seem to hold back the most popular and high quality content. Joost is still niche channels without blockbusters to drive real traffic..

But with serious advertisers now going public about collaborating, the networks will probably start to listen and reconsidering what content to chip in. announces the following….

U.S. advertisers on the system include Electronic Arts, Kraft, Lionsgate, Microsoft and Nestlé Purina PetCare. IBM, L’Oréal Paris and Nokia Nseries are among the European brands. The Coca-Cola Company, HP, and Intel are advertising globally on the system.

Ad units include still images, video spots, overlays and widgets, in addition to branded entertainment and channel sponsorships. Joost has also created an ad unit called Ad Bug, consisting of an advertiser’s animated logo in a corner of the screen, similar to station ID components in cable and broadcast TV. Ad bugs will appear at various times during a given show and disappear again after a matter of seconds.

“For this to work the bargain between the user and the advertiser needs to be reinvented,” said Clark. “The basic premise is not that complicated.”   From


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