Barcelona days

En joying a week of sun, architecture, tapas, cava, walking, smiling and drinking (some could say this doubled with the cava but after four ays here I’ll say it doesn’t. Cava is just sun, afternoon and cozy times drinking is LOTS of cava, wine and more…)

But since I got burned quite tough in the sun this afternoon I have the time to scroll the web and my favorite blogs, sitting on my bed in a cold (or cooler) hotel room. Nice. Will be needing lots of aloe vera and stuff to fall a sleep to night… or again cava.

But the reason for this post is not solely to share my holiday dairy, but just to acknowledge a new blog which I think is going on my roll. Erin, who I found on plannersphere is writing an honest and straigt foreward blog on jr planning (if there is such a thing) thank you Erin – I like it. And say if I can help on anything here from Denmark. Here is the blog – enjoy!


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