Efficiency is not strategy

On the beach of Barcelona I just found this in Attention by Ken Sacharian, which gives another funny comment on the validity of media planning based on efficiency based on simple CPM-values. Just for the record – I don’t believe a second in planning this way. I believe in interaction and engagement.  But everybody say they do – and still I see flowcharts packed with these numbers. I think they are okay at optimising the plan after making the stategy based on insights – but not as a tool of strategy. This quote kind of makes the point in a funny way.

Efficiency is not strategy
If other fields worked that way – imagine an architect who has been awarded  a skyscraper design project. If she operated as our fictional brand marketeer does then she would start by examining the efficiency of building materials: Brick is less expensive than steel, but wood is less expensive than brick, and plastic and vinyl is less expensive than wood – we’ll build an scyscraper in plastic ad vinyl Attention – Ken Sacharian


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