Attention by irony

We all know how hard it is to get peoples attention today. One of the world most difficult tasks is to get attention on very boring, un-sexy subjects such as public signage. We know people do not pay as much as a small moment of attention to anything that falls in the category of  “this is something you already know, but you ignore it, so we try to tell you once more” like the safety messages on airplanes, alcohol/smoking campaigns and alike.

We often see how some of these categories continuesly cross borders, to renew the possibility to get attention – and some just seems to lost faith in attention (like the flight safety messages – though we here see small glims of hope: Like the flight attendant described in the Heaths brothers Made To Stick where the messages was spiked up  with  some humour for example about the disco-lights that led to the exit signs).

Humour can be a good lead into attention. Eventhough it is an informative message it can be told in a different way.

This is a brilliant example from Larsbjørnsgade in Copenhagen. Found the pictures on a Swedish guys blog. Translated it says:

1: Bicycles will be removed in co-operation with Polish Bicycle Import.

2: Bicycles parked here get its tyre pierced for free.

3: What’s wrong with the public parking around the corner?



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