Misunderstanding creativity

Sometimes it seems as a lot of the people around me lacks a basic understanding of creativity. Especially after we started pushing the concept of media creativity, and takes creativity a step further from the print ads and TV commercials formerly know as “THE creative work” and stressing it’s meaning to apply it to a process. I get that my mom doesn’t understand, but I totally freaks me out that it seems as so many people in this business don’t even understand.

To stress my point, this is a case where creativity is interpreted in worst case possible. This is a direct mail campaign send to one of my friends – Andreas at Busto – I left Andreas’ own comments below the picture…


“Dear Andreas. With an ad in Market Magazine, your salespeople better start polishing their shoes” Taped to the poster is a tube of shoe-polish…
This is the lamest direct mail campaign I’ve ever seen. They hired some two year old to tape the shoe-polish to the poster. It came in an envolope, making the poster really creased….and don’t even get me started on the concept and copywriting…I think they teamed up with the two year old who did the taping, and some 90 cabaret entertainer last seen on a stage right before the end of WW2…This actually convinced me never to take put an ad in the magazine…Do they really think I get out the check-book as soon as I see my name on a poster…If this is new media…I don’t want it..

Does anybody have something to say about this?


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