Welcome to optimism….

Yeah I borrowed the title from W+K Londons blog. Just like the feel of it. And I just wanted to post two videos that made my day a bit brighter on a rainy danish summerday.

This Adidas video. We are blessed with having Adidas as a client but this version didn’t run in Denmark. We aired a running version, which as also great, but the story in this is better – the danish one had more homour though. But I like this one and the sound, images, feel everything. It has a childish feel and a positivity which I love.

The other one is a music video from a japanese singer called Utada Hikaru, whom I didn’t know until I had a 14-year old girl as I was babysitting in my teens on weekend here in Aarhus. She showed me what she was interested in right now, and I must say that while having a youth with 90210, take that and all American dreaming these young girls are so fascinated by what’s happening east of us instead. That’s really interesting!

This video makes me feel happy and I totally fascinated by the colours and pictures….


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