Why is social media on web 2.0 different?

As Daria Rasmussen (my lovely co-worker) and me stressed several times under a conference on social media we hosted in march this year, social media is in its basic nature not so much different than 20 years ago. We now use last/Pandora or ilike to express our identity through public playlists, we make profiles on social networks as we  spend ours fillig out friendship-books and passing them  through our social networks 20 years ago (Personally I always had a problem filling out the “My future”- box, because my outer self wanted to be a hip journalist writing about politics and media, but deep inside I still had a little girl really wanting to be an indian princess – but I ever wrote that, in case some of the boys from the 6th grade would see the book)

The things going on in the media users heads and in their social interaction is not so much different. But the huge gap is in the speed in which these things go on. The adaptation rate is sky rocketting and I get dizzy just by thinking about the reach of our messages.

So there’s nothing new on social media – the news is in the broadband acces…

This is a good recent example copied with pride from Dan Calladine (love your newsletter, Dan!)

iLike popularity jumps due to Facebook widget?
“In true Internet fashion, iLike has gone through a year’s worth of
growth in a little over a week. As I wrote here last week, the company
went from having just 1,200 users to having more than 400,000 in a
little over a day — which taxed its resources to the point where it
doubled the number of servers it was running five times and still didn’t
have enough capacity. Eventually, the company had to plead with its
Silicon Valley friends and neighbours to provide extra servers for it to
use. And where is it now? It has quintupled in size again, and has more
than 2.2 million users.”

Read the whole article on Ingram 2.0 here


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