Isobar TV from Cannes Lions – get live video and the best stories everyday

Video from Cannes Lion


Everybody left for Cannes Lion and I’m stuck back home in DK. Especially this year it seems incredible unfair to be left outside the magic city, ’cause 2007 will definitely be the year where media dominated the program

The last years social media/digital media/event media – (just but everyword you can come up with before the word media and you pretty much get it) – has had an enourmous share of the brainactivity – at media agencies AND at ad agencies. And it seems as this trend has made a much stronger impact on the people making the program at Cannes Lion than in moving the ad money where our mouth (and consumers) are.

So looking with envious eyes on workshop, seminars and stuff, I feel all left behind….

BUT – eventhough it makes me a bit more sad afterwards I enjoy getting a sneak peak everyday at this site. It’s powered by Isobar and got the link from Dan – In DK it also airs on Markedsførings Nyhedsbrev everyday.

Thank You for bringing the lost boys (and tinkerbell) a step closer to Neverland…


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