Gaining clients versus keeping clients; Quote of an early morning

Had a bad start of the day. It’s 6 am and I can’t sleep, so my mac is always a good date. So here you go – an early quote, which will get the day of mine kickstarted in the best possible way..

“It is the thrill of the chase” – “Landing new customers is sexy, like cavemen slaying a gazelle on the grasslands. Keeping current customers, like gathering nuts and berries or growing a garden, is hard work”

It’s from Huba and McConnells fantastic Creating Customer Evangelists, talking about how much it cost to gain a new client compared to nursing the existing. But the marketers seems to focus mainly on gaining clints. And I must add, the advertising and media industry is not so much different; the industry keeps focusing on pitches and new bizz… It’s more fun to go hunting! But could we see this in another perspective…? I see the problem as this; it is not the customers being illoyal today – it’s the marketers being illoyal to their exiting customers. And thats is a bigger problem than the other!


One response to “Gaining clients versus keeping clients; Quote of an early morning

  1. i agree with you, businesses being dis-loyal to their customers, their LOYAL customers no less, is what’s happening in the masses right now. Everyone’s thinking bigger is always better ya know? But i think we should focus more on the customers we have and making business sustainable in practice. Why does everyone need to grow? I know it’s like the “law of business” and all, but I still need more explanation.

    It’s always harder to “maintain” once you’ve achieved a goal or a high; like losing weight, it’s easier to lose than to maintain. good post Pernille. 🙂

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