A new challenging client

This week I got a new client. It’s the entertainment industry, so there is challenges, but many possibilities. Very engaged people with a lot of knowledge in their field. But also with lots of space to make a difference and take their communications a step further. I’m looking so much forward to start working with them. Which will be immediately, so that’s perfect.

But after the meeting I received this video from the new client, who probably found this circulating in the danish media/ad-industry.  A video launched by Microsoft digital advertising solutions (I hate their new name – it really sucks), but an interesting video though. And it provokes me that a lot of it is true. So I will see if I can find a video demonstrating that some brands embrace their consumers and listen to their needs so they can create true loyalty. I’ll start looking. Anybody out there got some good stuff on this subject?


One response to “A new challenging client

  1. hello

    interesting post. Im doing some work with this team in the UK.
    Everyone in our team has also stated how they hate the name

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