Customer care in 2020

In my search for a challenge to the MDAS viral video I found this. The video is kind of slow, and the idea about making it in Second Life is fun, but gets pretty annoying after a while. Who want to watch bad graphics for more than 30 Sec? Seeing som of the Machinima made in WOW second life can’t follow that lead.

Anyway. About customer care: This is a fine act of balance though. To care about the consumers, but not to be obsessed with them. That can be scary too. With all the new technology possibilities we have to choose how to activate our knowledge. Google has been on the public agenda for a while concerning issues on collecting data. Joost is heading for the same trouble.

But as I’m concerned it depends on how you chose to use the data. If Google can use my info to customize the ads on my GMail, so I wont get diaper-commercials (not planning to get any kids right now) or holiday-offers (when I’m not going on holiday before the end of august) I will embrace data-gathering.

If it means I can get customized, relevant ads and therefore no annoying, disruptive ads with NO relevans at all. If joost can get my data so the value of each commercial will be multiplied I’ll (or hope I will) receive 1 minute of TV-C’s compared to the 7 minutes often aired today. And that minute will be relevant – Please collect my data! But use it well!


One response to “Customer care in 2020

  1. this is a hard one. We in the industry understand what the data amounts to. But it takes a lot of explaining to people outside of the industry that it will amount to things you might like.
    I always use amazon as an example. Everytime you go back it has books. DVDs etc that are similar to what you like.
    But the average joe still sees it as big brother

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