I love this campaign. It promotes the series, the movie and the eleven 7-11s participating. Love it! I’m absolutely sure this will make people talk!

See the whole FLICKR set here


2 responses to “Kwik-E-Mart

  1. looks like you found some pictures. Wow! They’re great!

    it’s a brilliant campaign > a true first of it’s kind, bringing consumer experience to the table in a BIG way.

    i’d like to see more of this work AND be part of making some of it happen. You gonna make some of it happen in Denmark? Go for it!

  2. Hej Pernille,

    En verdensklasse idé, som jeg ikke anede eksisterede. Det er den slags, der gør det værd at arbejde med kommunikation 😉

    Godt spottet!


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