Mapping the new media world

Here’s a really fun new way to visualise all the new media companies – as shown on the Tokyo underground

Jason Steinberg writes:
“They took the top 200 tech (definitely tech) sites and placed them
along subway lines. The lines are used to group together similar
services. For example along the blue Community line there’s Facebook,
Xing, Vox and LinkedIn. Each one also has a weather forecast and an
incremental web number. The more suns and less clouds represent a
positive prediction about a site’s future.
For those of you familiar with the Tokyo subway system, there are some
really funny (and snarky) bits:
1. Google has moved from Shibuya, a humming place for young people,
Shinjuku, a suspicious, messy, Yakuza-controlled, but still a
cool place to hang out (Golden Gaya).
2. Youtube has conquered Shibuya.
3. Microsoft has moved to Ikebukuro, if you know what I mean.
4. Yahoo is in Ueno, a nice place but nothing going on there.
5. Wikipedia now is in Shimbashi, the place for the square and
hard-headed Salaryman, like the Wikipedia watchdogs.
6. The Chinese line runs parallel to the “share line” which starts
the main pirates…
7. Paper info designer Tufte is right below the Federated Media,
before joining with the interactive information design circle in a
degree angle.
8. “You” are in the Emperor’s palace, in the center of the network.
And, its media friendly – your clients can sponsor it starting at
US$2,000 for one of 10 spaces which will be included on all adaptations
of the map.”

Thanks to Dan for this post!


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