Replacing the internet in 2020

Engadgets blog just launched a story via Slashdot  about a japanese plan on replacing the internet by 2020.

“Apparently, Japan’s minister of communications has big plans for the current iteration of the internet — namely, to stamp it out of existence by 2020. According to reports, Yoshihide Suga — the country’s communications minister — has announced that the Japanese government is hard at work on a newer, faster, stronger, and generally better looking internet. According to Suga, the new network will deliver more reliable data transfers at higher speeds, be more resistant to viruses and crashes, and will be 60 percent more charming. The ministry hopes that in setting a timeframe and outlining goals for the system, the country’s technology industry will be able to have a hand in developing global standards while gaining leverage for themselves in the new market.
” via Engadget


2 responses to “Replacing the internet in 2020

  1. 13 years for a better internet.

  2. by then surely it will be that anyway…. I do love the ‘charming’ part. Its been a while since I have seen some japanese charm

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