How to be a better planner

As planners we always observe others. We look at the herds, the individuals and complex relations between media, brands and people. But my favorite exercise, which continues to shock me is spending time looking at my own behavior. Watching my choices and actions with a curios”why the hell did I choose this toothpaste???” or just after finishing my daily newspaper (that will in a contemporary meaning be translated to the newspaper I claim to read, because it makes me feel like part of an weel-educated herd, but in real life reads once every fortnight on a saturday morning when I finally have the time for it, but end up reading the design and lifestyle section and then rushes out of the house throwing away the remaining 257 pages) asking my self “now I count as a READER how many ads do I remember?” Hmmm .. I remember one thing  – a fashion section featuring a new store in the Latin Quarter – I’m going to check that one out.

So to do this exercise is a constant reflexion on why did I do that. How do this ad affect me? What do I feel in different situations? How do I use the internet on work and does it differ from my use back home?

Another interesting approach would be taking a look at yesterday. How did that day turn out. Which touchpoint do I remember? Did I get affected by advertising? Did I buy anything? And most importantly why?

Lets see at my yesterday: I got up early, just doing my daily morning routine. Snooze, snooze, snooze, snooze – damn I have to get up now…. DAMN IT! Turning on the radio so I can wake up with music. I LOVE music.  Shower; wash my hair with the cheap shampoo from MATAS which I love the smell of. Most of all I use it because it okay and it goes into my non-branded dispenser from MUJI because it looks nice in my very minimalistic bathroom. Then I apply the super expensive conditioner from ORIGINS which I hate the smell of, but makes my hair behave very well.  I like the look of the product, so even though I have all intentions of pouring it into on of my MUJI dispensers somehow I haven’t done it yet… All the way through I’m listening to P3 the danish public service radio station on my TIVOLI Audio. I hate radio commercials in my morning bath. They are loud, aggressive and I feel my ears hurt! So P3 it is.

Then I put on a various collection of skincare. I spend a fortune on it eventhough all test say the cheap ones are just as good, nobody sees it and nobody nows it. My boyfriend makes so much fun about it, so it doesn’t make sense at all. BUT I LOVE IT! It just makes me feel so prepared for the day!

Then I walk to work getting exposed to all kinds of outdoor. I like outdoor when it’s made well. I spend last autumn eating a tomato and mascarpone soup because of the product looked so tasting on the adshells and it just fitted into my busy days.

This all happens in half an hour. Try to do this on a whole day – including your trip to the supermarket. It’s exiting and you learn a lot.

When you get tiring of this try to do the same exercise with a close close friend you expect to be honest. Keep asking into motives and situations.

I think this can inspire us everyday and be a personal perspective on the contrast to focusgroups, surveys and external consumer insights.


3 responses to “How to be a better planner

  1. It is good to0 be passionate about your job 🙂 and take a look at yourself to find some answers. It is inspirational and fresh approach indeed. However one must be very careful with such an approach – don’t ever assume that all other customers are just like you. Not to mention that most of what we know we don’t know we know and we are fantastic liers, who reduce all the time their cognitive dissonans balancing between desires, needs and available solutions.

  2. I of course agree with Daria, but this was not meant as a way to find the truth, but a way to keep curiosity in front of all approaches to life… It is just interesting and inspire me to go deeper in understanding the how’s and why’s of consumerism….

  3. only to find out ..its all bullshitt! lol

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