Google as content provider

Google just entered a new era. Google News now launching whole articles of news content.  It is actually the news providers who forced Google to do this by making them pay for content instead of appreciating the links from Google. Instead of driving traffic it now steals traffic, because if all content is collected on google why go further on to the specific site? Why place ads on the site then? Now content – and thereby the ad spend  is collected on the must powerful aggregator the world have ever seen. I think the news providers just forced Google to be their biggest enemy! 

Guardian writes..

“Publishers: Be careful what you wish for. Journalistic organisations
and news agencies have complained that Google has benefited from their
headlines (while I argue it is they who have benefited from Google’s
links). So the Press Association, the Associated Press, Canadian Press,
and Agence France-Presse just forced the search engine to license their
content. Now, rather than linking to the wire services’ clients for
their articles, Google News is displaying the agency reports in full on
its site.



One response to “Google as content provider

  1. Once again the established media gets a punch in the nose for their arrogance and missing insight in the future. Here is another good example as New York Times drops its content fee demands. Content charging is dying and thank you for that. People would love to pay for services but it has to be real special services. Good old “what’s in it for me” strikes back.

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