Waiting to get some green

While waiting for John Grants new book “The green marketing manifesto” which seems to be a bible for the connection between marketers and the green movement, I just wanted to share these reviews and once again tell people to go buy it, read it and act upon it! Please! And as John says; It’s not that you have to sell your 4*4 – just use it 70% less. That will be a huge start. Or take your CO2 emission test on 1tonmindre.dk which is the danish site called “one ton less”

And here is the reviews on John’s book:If green is to become truly mainstream, we’ll need companies of all sizes and sectors to find their way through the subtleties and complexities of the green marketplace, and John Grant’s Green Marketing Manifesto provides an excellent roadmap. It makes a clear and compelling case that green marketing isn’t an end unto itself, but rather a potent engine for creating business value through innovation, while fomenting genuine societal change.- Joel Makower, Founder and Executive Editor, GreenBiz.com, and author of “Two Steps Forward” blog”This book is essential reading for the growing numbers who are realising that good business can be good business (and that it comes from being good, not looking good).”- Jamie Mitchell, managing director, innocent smoothiesJohn Grant has been a great help over the years in thinking about how to position and market the Ecologist magazine. He’s one of the few people I have met who understands both green issues and marketing and is able to fuse the two creatively and effectively.- Zac Goldsmith, director of The Ecologist, co-chairman of The Quality of Life Group


One response to “Waiting to get some green

  1. Green…………yawn……….its so boring…….its so expensive……..so tedious. Get the cattle prods out….to make us all fall in line.
    Hope this green silliness dies out soon. banning this banning that,silly plastic bags, dont drive, dont do this, dont do that…….stop that ..your wrecking the planet.
    Dammed green religion……………dogmatic, boring, stupid.

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