An ode to Dove Onslaught

After two crazy weeks of 24-7 work I’m sitting in the train on my way home from Copenhagen, where I’ve spend most of my week – and last week by the way. But it has been fun and meaningful and then you can manage even the hardest challenges.

And when the work feels good and you feel you are actually able to make a difference and have a meaningful relation with the clients.

And yesterday I saw the new Dove film for the first time and I got goosebumps all over. It’s wonderful and I love every second of it. The brand keeps making their real beauty-theme bloom once again.


3 responses to “An ode to Dove Onslaught

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  2. who owns Dove? This is HUGE!

  3. Dove is owned by Unilever who also owns Axe and you might say there’s a slight difference in the way women are presented by the two brands…

    Here’s an alternative version of the Onslaught-film:

    Jonas Juhler Hansen

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