Review of my new ipod touch

Just received my ipod touch and I’ve been in heaven ever since.I’ll write a full review in a couple of days when I have a more qualified view on it, because right now I’m just stunned and thrilled… I is so beautiful. Everything just works. It’s intuitive and has this amazing feel I can’t even explain. I feels like my finger just got extended all the way into the internet and into my itunes library. And everything works so well. My photos, music and even my bookmarks from safari just slipped over onto this new device from which I will never again be separated. It’s all love….

Here I’m browsing Faris’ Blog – and if I tap the text in the blog it automatically fits to the screen so it’s perfectly readable.


I my boyfriend just told me that he heard that McDonalds launched free wifi in Denmark so everything is just perfect. Spending sometime at Copenhagen central station I’ll never again be waiting in the dark.. (but drinking cofee at McD and reading blogs)

But haven’t yet figured out why they didn’t make it connect to my airport express so I can stream my music to my hifi though…. and why google maps aren’t integrated? Heard that it will be open for third party software development, so the future seems bright. But I’ll be back with a full review later…


5 responses to “Review of my new ipod touch

  1. There’s already a hack which allows the iPod Touch to run 3rd-party apps, including those on the iPhone.

    Personally, the iTouch is really tempting! =)

  2. TIGS Touch!



  3. music for your ipod touch

  4. touch of curiosity

  5. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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