Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day: I just think this is such an interesting idea that I had to participate.

Even though my head is a bit tired. Left home at 5 am to go and join a Nordic meeting where all the heads of Comms planning in the region was having a talk about different strategic approaches. Interesting how countries so close can solve a task so differently. But it was a good day and we exchanged experiences. I spend a lot of time yesterday finishing my presentation on status in DK, so I already feel I’m in the middle of a week, even though it’s only 20 pm on a monday.

But Blog Action Day it is and the environment is the issue. In this relation I just want to state my thrill on Al Gore receiving the Nobel peace prize. Interesting.

My contribute to this day will be a link to a danish climate site where you can calculate your own emission. One ton less it is called. I mentioned it before, but will repeat it because I think this is a perfect way to put focus on the personal emission.

Here we go: The link to – and a screendump to 🙂



4 responses to “Blog Action Day

  1. I was thrilled, too! It’s wonderful to see the Nobel Committee take such a position and to give such recognition to his efforts and to the problem of climate change in general.

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