Intro to New Media Days 07

The intro was perfectly made by Martin Krasnik from Danish Newspaper Weekendavisen and formerly host of Deadline on DR2. He made a very funny opening of the conference, followed by a definitely not funny Minister for Culture Brian Mikkelsen. He talked a lot about the challenges of the digitalization of the TV-signal in 2009 and the broadening of DAB. But it fell through in this forum and a few wrongly pronounced words showed that the person writing his speach knew a lot more about media than the minister. (the launch og Hallo 3 (No brian it is Halo 3) and virel marketing – please go to wikipedia and look these words up before opening a conference on new media – oh no you don’t trust Wikis (aka the people) that’s not really good being in a democracy) A bit sad being in a pretty important position for the challenges to come in the media industry, and as the media landscape seems to merge even more with possibilities for marketers, the danish emerging economy is challenged by these changes. (sorry by the lack of links so far – these will be added soon, but accessing my blog from safari it isn’t possible. As soon as I get my own lap top with Fire Fox installed I’ll apply links and pictures..)


One response to “Intro to New Media Days 07

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