New Media Days 07

Though the ice cold air in room 3 got me laying down for the weekend, it is the only bad thing I have to say about NMD07. The program was packed with interesting speakers, the setting was spacious and cool, the food was ok and everything seemed to work by the book. Even the wireless internet worked this year.

Last year I had a lt of time to blog from the event, but this year I went with so many co-workers, clients, media-people and friends, that I choose not to spend time with my lap top but ty to catch as much as possible of all the interesting stuff.

As allways some of the speakers were great, some were good and just a few really sucked 🙂 But the program was varied and satisfied a wide selection of interests. I was very extited about day 2, others would have prefered day one.

I’ll write a post with notes on the thing I heard. I will not repeat all and will give my personal POV, but hope it’ll make people go to the newmediadays webpage and see the webcast for more info.

So once again: thanks to the wonderful people behind the conference for two interesting days.


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