Being busy and in love

This sounds as the most frequent sentence from me; I’ve been busy and away…., so like in every other occasion I feel like this is my eternal excuse for all I didn’t manage to do. Write my grand father a birthday-card, read a book, call a friend, cook more food, clean more, exercise more and so on.

But as always there IS actually time. It’s just how you choose to prioritize. And working a lot, being in Copenhagen 2-3 days  a week and trying to find time to see my friends and family I ended up with the choice between my boyfriend and updating the blog. And even how much I like to update – my boyfriend kinda wins. So being in love has kept me away for long 🙂

But after finishing a huge project at work I’m looking into a time with a little more time to be inspired again. So I’m back and will try to be steady.  With both my boyfriend and channel8000 🙂


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