Leaving Anthony Robbins

Last night I did something I actually never does (which then, forever for now is a lie). I left an event part time, after I couldn’t stand being there anymore. Invited to a Anthony Robbins show by TV2 advertising, I was a bit puzzled about going. I would never pay to go myself, but with two tickets in the hand and me and my boyfriend having an vacant saturday evening, I was too curious to say no. And it is my acclaimed mission in life to stay openminded and curious, so even thinking this Tony guy is probably a fake, I found some joy in an opportunity, to observe the people attending the show.

But after two and a half hour of hugging, jumping and hearing a lot of words (on which it was impossible to disagree but nevertheless they seemed kinda empty, being general thoughts on being happy in life, thinking positively and have a clear focus)…., we left. Or actually sneaked out. We couldn’t stand more hugging with strangers, we just wanted to go home and hug each other.

Even though I’m glad I went. I got my prejudice confirmed, but now at least they are not just prejudices anymore – they are my clear judgement. You need to be unhappy with your life, out of touch with other human beings, in need of human body contact or just very sad to really get a kick out of mass-coaching. Sorry Tony – my life was just too good to spend the rest of my evening there…


7 responses to “Leaving Anthony Robbins

  1. good to see you back girl and hear you aren’t been taken by mass histeria. 🙂 and “merry- cherry-wow-i-make-you-happy” bullshit.

  2. He’s perfect for people who wish to improve themselves and want to know various ways to do so. For those of you who believe you’re already perfect, of course he has nothing to offer.

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  4. I’ve been to four Robbins Seminars, and although the share the same form, they are very different in content. I got a lot out of it, and my family life and business life have improved since attending the seminars. I don’t like all the hype myself – my first seminar (Unleash The Power Within) my first thought was “oh my G.. this IS a cult. I took from the seminars, what I believe was right for me, and ignored the rest.

    It is common sense most of it, but hey! a lot of things are common sense, and we still have to learn; be told or reminded about them.

  5. I have never attented any seminars, but recently I am thinking of getting more and more involved with his books and audio products. Common sense cannot hurt. 🙂

  6. I think its better to just get and listen to his mp3s and not go to the events. Events, cults, religions etc. invite the traffic light binary people – left brainers looking to be saved – so there is madness in a crowd, you are surround by unthinking ants that give away their minds to be saved by the Queen ant. Not that the Queen ant in this case is wrong at all. Robbins teaches supra-intelligence and advancement. His empirical data is not new, he is just re-filtering highly important info that most people have ignored all their life. I.E. Diet, energy, how to eat (90+% of humans do not know how to eat).
    So don’t let your mind reductionize to bigot level, where you think you know better. Its better to ignore the gloopy ones and grab the knowledge.

  7. Well, I guess that no product or program can fit EVERYONE… although, I have a very different experience, I have now been twice to Anthony Robbins “Free the inner strength” (UPW) in London and I found it a great experience – you simply come back with much more energy! You get to know really great people there and experience a very special weekend. So, I would recommend others to try them out themselves, see how it affects them. 
    Luck for all!

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