Search interpreted by an ad agency

Wibroe, Duckert and Partners, a danish ad agency launched their new web-site a while ago and it really made the headline in the danish agency business.

Using the webpage as a playground for showing how you think, they once again put search on the agenda. This shows how advertising and media today melt together in a unity not separable. This site has only few frames with simple content linking to google and letting others tell the story through the links higgest ranked by google. Perhaps some of the competitors buys some ad words on this soon?

This is a bit old news, but haven’t had time to post it and a lot of you people abroad haven’t seen it yet, so I’ll do it anyway. And also because I think this solution is very much on the spot on what’s happening. Everyday I see a tendency towards search being on everybodys lips, and working close with iProspect I see the results it makes for our clients. It is as if it never makes sense not to talking search anymore. Especially on very ROI driven clients.

Here is the webpage of Wibro, Duckert and Partners

Love the idea – exciting to see how long they keep it for.


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