When the rollercoaster reaches the top..

Last friday at the agency we had our fortnight management briefing, and came to discuss how the global financial state will impact the danish economy and our business. We can hear some of our clients being very concerned and some seems to don’t care at all. Those who care acts in two ways – pressing the speeder to defend marketshare in a more competitive environment, or some just stand on the break. It was an interesting discussion and made me think a lot about how we can better help our clients in this environment. Is there special competences we have to nurse and how do we help solve their challenges when the “going gets tough” in a cost efficient way.  
In my search for ideas and knowledge on this I fell over David Armanos recent post on this in a cool little prsentation. The presentation is 10 slides with each a point on how to thrive through a recession. See the post here or download it on slideshare here


2 responses to “When the rollercoaster reaches the top..

  1. Thanks Man.

    Nice post. This could be a good resource.


  2. money slows down, but people still keep talking ….

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