The Magnum Challenge

I clicked on a banner yesterday!

I was placed on trendsales I guess. Doing my early in the morning shopping with my laptop on top of my bed while my boyfriend was still sleeping. (and here I am again) This is my favorite time slot. The sun is up, the house is quiet and there is time to do online shopping on my favorite sites amazon, trendsales, youheshe, reading blogs, news and checking out the weather on the day to come.   

This is the perfect spot to expose me for this banner. Do you want to dream. Oh yes! Do you want luxury and being spoiled? Yes please. Click this banner! Ok I will. And I ended up on this page the And I don’t now how much was fascination over the beautiful pictures, the interactive twist’s or just that I was in the right situation to start dreaming, but anyway I ended up spending 10 minutes or more on the campaign site. And I had fun. And I don’t even like Magnum icecream. But this definitely took my ten steps closer to try. 

So I don’t now if it was perfect media planing finding me in this situation, the endorsment from the desperate housewife universe, the pictures of luxury and the opening to dream, but this campaign worked for me – or for the advertiser in deed. 



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