The race for leadership

Last year everybody talked about Nike+. When I saw RGA and Nike on the seminar program this year I was intrigued by the “Is this going to be something we already have heard 1000 times” or “Are they coming up with new steps into the world of letting the consumers connect to them” -discussion that went about in Cannes about this seminar.

So I went.

And I’m happy.

This was really great.

Stefan, Nike Global Brand Connection, held a perfect seminar about the next steps for connecting to the consumers and tapping into different areas of sport based on simple, logic and relevant insights that drove a “why not” but “I wish I had come up with this” awe in the audience.

He presented the human race, baller’s network and MY mini, which are all brilliant initiatives – all well argumented and even though I am already a Nike+ member I wanted to go home and “do more”. Aka connect more to Nike. This is so fun and taps very well into the earlier discussion about branded services. Because what is Nike getting out of making a small facebook avatar showing my run status? Hmm you can’t see it on the ROI next month. But great brands need great horizons – If Nike can help me run more – perhaps I’ll need shoes, clothes and so on more often and the I will go to the brand I feel most connected to – and of cause it will pay of in the long run (sorry the corny metaphor)



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