A Day in the life of a YMC in Seoul

Working exclusively with the target group young people, mobile phones are an inevitable part of the media landscape. However, unlike what many believe, Danish youths are not that mobile-tech-savvy. This was indeed proven by the Cheil Worldwide seminar I attended on wednesday, along with Pernille and Lisa. Cheil Worldwide has made an interactive exploration of marketing technology among the YMCs (Young-Minded Consumer) in Seoul. This more than showed that Danish youths, and obviously also Danish mobile companies, are far behind when it comes to exploiting the possibilities of the little device you take with you everywhere you go.   

While most Danish youth still primarily use their mobilephone for texting and calling (yes, that is how it is) South Korean youths are making the mobilephone an extension of their existence. Besides Internet, mobile TV, m-commerce, m-banking and m-movies, other and more sophisticated mobile services were introduced. For instance the Polygraph which is a mobile lie detector allowing South Korean girls to test if their boyfriends are telling them the truth about their where-abouts etc. Very effective – but also a bit scary! Another interesting mobile service, that the seminar introduced, was the so-called Navi Call Taxi Service. This service is an sms-gps taxi service that evolves around making the taxi experience more safe for young women by i.e. sending a text message to the parents and/or friends with the name and number of the taxi and its location.

It is a common fact that South Korea as a highly developed market when it comes to mobile communication. However, it could have been interesting to know, how many of the South Korean youth actually use these advanced mobile services. The interesting part was, that the mobile services discussed by Cheil were primarily targeted young females, and that these served as drivers of the services making them a natural part of their daily lives and social connections. This could definetely be a source of inspiration for Danish mobile companies in their never-ending quest for the young target group.  


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