Three key take-out’s

According to Katrines post earlier I just wanted to comment on this Cheil seminar too.

Three things that I found interesting was the cultural insight on eastern behavior where decisions are made, not by the individual, but a decision made collectively in the herds of the young people. 

Then I found the insight, as Katrine also commented on, on girls as technology drivers very interesting. When technology no longer is the goal for the fascination, but the technology as a mean to enter a social process the girls, who are far more social creatures than boys, tends to drive the technology. I actually extended this discussion to a social event where I meet Claus Moseholm from GoViral with whom I talked about how the nature of Viral campaigns in Europe right now seems driven by a masculine humour and the nature of girls, linked up to networking and sharing of information/stories/gossip, aren’t adressed in viral campaigns although their nature would be a perfect catalyst for spreading a message if it is possible to use in their social deeds.  

Third I LOVED the discussion of branded services. Let get down to business. All this talk about brand channels, viral, product placement and so on. The real key to the mayor potential would be in making services, that are so relevant to the brand, so appealing to the target group and so well carried out that the consumer sees it as a service. A little help in their life.

So these are my key take-out’s from this seminar.  


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