Living Naked

For numeral reasons I’m soo glad I went to this masterclass in the Young LIons Zone. 

1. It was 1 minute after our presentation so a reason for sitting thinking and no-one asking “hoooow did it goooo in a screaming tone-of-voice”

2. I love the filosophy of Naked and Paul  Woolmington is a wonderful speaker. My heartbeat after have the most stressed 5 minutes of my career fell down listening to his calm, confident and clear voice. 

3. I get the change for tagging this blog “Naked” which will give our little Cannes blog so much more google-juice. (Perhaps it wont be the most relevant hits, but giving the facts that googling porn and still end up clicking on a communications planning blog, proofs that marketing people also surfs for porn as well as everybody else.)

This post was actually dedicated to an ode for Naked, but sometimes things do not end up as we thought. Thank god for that.

But still two words about the masterclass:

It was great! Basic intro of the heart of independency.

I was very interested in how to sell ideas and how to make so many external partners work together. But this was more inspiration and cases of how the solutions will look if thinking concepts over “were do we make money”. 

And once again – go see Noah Briers Brand Tag feature… I commented on it on my own blog channel8000 a while ago – it is really interesting. 

Thanks to Paul for setting my mind free…



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