No gold (or anything else) to Denmark (aka us)

Damn it. Even though we found the brief hard and knew that we didn’t have much time, we wanted to do our best.

Do or don’t do. There is no try!

So of cause we wanted to win. But we didn’t! Damn it. 

But the press conference was fun and very nice to see the Japanese girls who won for best separate idea crying and screaming in happiness. They were so nice and they really got happy…

But still; a shame, but we didn’t expect it, so we were actually able to be happy for the winning teams who were two really nice people from Italy. 

And alway a pleasure speaking to the press afterwards.. “Wy didn’t you guys win??????????” (no answer) “Hmm?” “bla bla bla bla bla” (aka of cause we don’t know – we wanted to win but obvious the judges liked the Italian solution better) . You can’t really ask people about that. We just really wanted to see what the others teams had made – but it wasn’t available yet, so no chance of knowing which truck hit us 🙂 


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