The Presentation

Early next morning we got our 5 minutes to present the assignment. This was really tough. We really looked at the competition brief to find out how to solve it, but little did it help. It said that we needed to present insights, strategy and solution – with everything explained why chosen. This was really a hard job – and we didn’t really succeed with this part. In the after light we perhaps shouldn´t have focussed so much on was we were told to explain but focused on explaining out ideas instead. We had only 5 minutes but we reached the ideas at 4.30 which was horrible because we didn´t feel at all that we had time to explain what, how and why… and we didn’t even have time to present it all.  

So it was really a hard and learning experience… 

This really felt like bad sex. Great expectation, too short time and a strange unfulfilled feeling afterwards.

But bad sex is better than none, so after an hour or so we started smiling a bit again 🙂 And we were still satisfied with the work – but would have died for 17 minutes instead of 5.




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