It’s a peoples business…

We are always talking abiout that this is a peoples business and when I this morning fell over a quote on Noah Brier’s Blog refering a post on the Barbarian group’s blog, which kind of really pointed this out. Even though it is written as a fun ode to Noah, it stilll quite nicely sets the scene for what’s going on in the business right know where its all about finding the people on fire…

Here’s the quote:

Secondly, Noah is freakin’ awesome and we would have probably made a juggling department if that was part of his conditions for coming over. This is a joke, but intended to drive home the point that Noah was bright and there was no previous search underway for a new department or offering so much as he highlighted an opportunity and problem we had been ignoring until the perfect solution presented itself.

Read more on the Barbarian group’s blog or on Noah’s blog.


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