Winners Day at TV2: Cannes Lions – without Cannes

Wrapping up a perfect week I had the pleasure of attending TV2s Winners Day at Teglholmen, and was to give a short speech on the learnings on competing in the Young Media Lions category in Cannes. So before heading to meetings in the afternoon I had the pleasure of hearing a lot of inspiring people. Most of the cases were well known, but nice to see them presented by the real people involved. I was there with Katrine Riis Andersen from DIST who also joined me in the Cannes Lions competition. 

First Steve Latham, Content Director from the Cannes Lions presented the concepts of Cannes and how it is developing and this development especially driven by the content richness of the program. Steve also has the Young Lions dear at heart, so we spoke to him a few times down at the competition, and it was really nice seeing him again. He is really a nice guy and feels so passionate about continuously improving the Cannes Lions offer. Later on he was asked a quite relevant question from Jesper von Wieding from Scandinavian DesignLab about the challenges within the naming of the festival as an advertising festival, traditional advertising having a declining role to play at the festival, suggesting Creative festival to perhaps being a more appropriate name. Steve earlier noted that the traditional categories still takes the heavy load of the entries, but welcomed the discussion.     

Then Lars Bastholm, Co-Chief Creative Officer, AKQA made a presentation about the Halo 3 case

and then spoke on the Future Lions program, and showed cases on how incredible talent this program reveals. A case on ideas for a MagLite campaign was incredible – both the ideas and the bold presentation. Lars commented that farfar already took the talented guys in. Which I’m happy to hear, knowing that fresh creative blood is the once again added to our family..

Last Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO, Big Spaceship talked on the HBO Voyeur Campaign which I will not comment on since it is earlier covered in this blog. But interesting was that the audience being asked about awareness on the campaign, almost nobody did know it. That was really kind of sad, the audience being a really good agency crowd. Asking Michael about the conflicts on creating the actual center-piece of the campaign and BBDO being rewarded the credits, Michael talked briefly on this emerging conflict in the market being which agencies to be lead on projects. I think this is a very interesting discussion.   

After this the danish jury talked on learnings and then Katrine and I talked on learnings from the young lions competition. The day ended with guided tours in the exhibition.


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