Google is celebrating their 10th birthday

I think this is really cool, and I stumbled upon it on Faris Yakob’s Blog

Faris writing: To celebrate their 10th birthday [10 years from 2 guys and an algorithm to masters of the universe] Google have announced Project 10100

The project is crowdsourcing for positive change: anyone can submit an idea to help the world and the one that Google thinks will help the most people, they will fund with $10 million. It’s an audacious and excellent way to celebrate Doing No Evil for ten years. 

I think crowdsourcing is an interesting thing and looking at the rates of change and adoption rates for even what seems to be odd, groundbreaking innovation, it is getting clear that one company can’t idea develop all by them self, if this is the pace that companies as Google sets (using the whole world as their R&D department)



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