Trick Charity

Unlike my dear collegue Daria, I think charity packaged as events is a pretty good idea. Of cause I follow the points about just being good… But as well as anything else, nothing is black or white. Google’s campaign for making the world a better place isn’t just to do good either – it is all a question of branding and doing it in a clever way. So with the crowded charity marketplace these days you need to do it all a little bit different to get attention – and money. And if that means making food, getting restaurants to sponsor locations, food companies to give ingrediences and getting people to pay an amount they find fair for the experience – and more money than they would ever give to regular charity, I think it is a pretty good idea.

Last week an event called “Dine with your heart” was arranged in Aarhus and we supported them with comms strategy for the project. Though we were involved a little bit too late to really make a difference, we had some good talks with the team behind it and it was a pleasure working with them. And all the way through, it was a really good experience with lots of happy people, interesting networking and cool conversations.

I worked for free, gave my best ideas up for grabs, had a wonderful meal with the agency and “Red Barnets Katastofefond” got a lot of money they wouldn’t have had, if we hadn’t done it.

In respect and love for different opinions, here’s the link to Daria’s post on not king the idea at all 🙂


One response to “Trick Charity

  1. My dear Penille, my point wasn’t about branding and being clever in cluttered market space. My point was about the state of humanity and the misuse of the word CHARITY. It has nothing to do with communication planning or branding, it has something to do with who we are as humans. World isn’t advertising. I think it is sad, you need to bribe people with experiences into “being good” and donate money. This is not altruism. This is exchange market.
    People like me and you have so much to give, that there is no need we have to get something in exchange in order to reach out a helping hand.

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