Isn’t it strange sometimes when you walk through the aisle of the supermarket. There are so much noise, and so many irrelevant choices to make. It feels like you been here forever after a few minutes. But suddenly you see something that you want, and you do not even know why. You don’t know the brand, you do not have a clue about the taste and you can’t recall ever seen it before. But between all the other things facing you on the shelf, you feel curious and attracted to that product.

Is like an chemical reaction not controlled by you and you can’t even explain why and how. You know you do not need it. You already have one alike in the fridge, but in that second this feels so right for you, that you just can’t leave that little jar of blackberry jam on the shelf.

Is it a question of packaging? Or have we actually seen it before, but can’t remember. Does it look like something we had good experiences with or??

I think this is really interesting and I would love to be much wiser on this subject. How is our subconsciousness playing tricks with us? How can we be so attracted to a something we are not able to explain?


One response to “Chemistry

  1. This is somthing I have been looking for a long time. Thanks!!!

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