Huge succes with “Rejsen til Saturn”(The journey to Saturn)

Can’t help to share my joy over the succes with Rejsen to Saturn. A campaign where, as the marketing director said to day, we succeded with everything. 

We reached our admission goal on the 8th day, and now after 12 days it looks like we are heading for the sky. 

A campaign where offline, online and BTL meet in a perfect match…

The Viral campaign reached 1 mio views after the opening, and A-film who produced it is shortlisted for best campaign, best viral, and best spot at The True Awards, and is the 4th most nominated campaign.

 Here a mixed cut of the viral clips:

Working with media partnerships, creative outdoor, social media features, creative formats and in-store solutions, this is almost the perfect campaign.

Our favorite feature: The icon for the campaign is the spaceship, and we made a deal with one of the big danish movie review sites to change their stars for rating the campaigns to small spaceships, so during the campaign all other movies were rated with spaceships. Great fun!


One response to “Huge succes with “Rejsen til Saturn”(The journey to Saturn)

  1. Hi Pernille

    First up great blog. Love your insightful thoughts and only too happy to hear that mediaagencies are starting to be much more strategic and creative in thoir reccomendations – rather than focused on potential earnings and the cheapest buys.

    Just wanted to note that I share your enthusiasm about the “Rejsen til Saturn” campaign. Excellent creative, killer execution and planning that certainly hit you from every angle. Well done.

    Keep your thoughts coming and maybe see you at New Media Days.

    All the best

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