Buyology close to release

I’m not sure about my opinion on this matter, but got approached by some professional digital PR/Buzz people providing me info and material on Martin Lindstrøm’s new book.

A little teaser.

Everybody’s a publisher these days. Just first time I felt it on my own body… It’s interesting and I’m a bit proud that people even now my blog, so for today I will post this video I got. And that I’m already interested in the subject helps a bit too. So I do not feel influenced, but influencing, so that’s okay.

As said before I’m going to the seminar on the 1th of december and I’m looking forward hearing the whole thing. Will post lots of notes on it here afterwards.   

By the way:

Martin Lindstrom, author of the forthcoming book Buyology – based on the world’s largest NeuroMarketing study peering inside 2,000 volunteers to understand our true feelings about brands, advertising, product placement has been on a four year mission to find a link between brands and religion. “The entire scientific team was shocked as we for the first time ever realized the true connection between brands and religion” says Lindstrom in the lead up for the global release of his next book.


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