The lost Alternate Reality Game

Everyboby is talking about ARG’s these days, and it is pretty interesting following how these get more sofisticated and challenging. But there is one, which I haven’t seen or heard about in Denmark at all, and given the complexity and quality of the content I was wondering why nobody’s been talking about it here. 

The game is over, and is closed down. On the website it is regarded as a huge succes, thanking millions of people for participating. Hosted by McDonald and the Olympic Comittee it ought to have the right powers to push it towards a tipping point. 

So why so quiet in DK? Or did I just miss it while spending the summer driving through europe…

Here is the website showing the case study of the lost ring campaign


2 responses to “The lost Alternate Reality Game

  1. Oh, I’ve tried 😉 I Invited Jane McGornigal (she’s the gamemaster behind The Lost Ring and one of founders of the ARG concept) to do a keynote when I organized Innovation Lab’s NEXT conference in 2006, hoping she would kickstart an ARG movement in DK. However, it apparently takes time to see the light.

    I’ve advised several companies on ARGs and how to get started, and something’s on the drawing board… And I know Denmark’s Radio has experimented and will probably also do something in relation to the upcoming sequel to “Forbrydelsen”.

  2. Return to Gotham. We need you.

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