The Winners of True Award

Here’s the winners list:

Agency of the year:

Robert/Boisen & Likeminded

Advertiser of the year:


Producer of the year:


Main prizes:

Spot of the year:

Puck from Danske Spil – Oddset – BBDO DK

Which is strangely not available on youtube, but see the concept here at BBDO’s web

Internet/viral campaign of the year:

Carl-Mar spot, Rejsen til Saturn-campaign, Advertiser: Nordisk Film, Agency: A-Film/Philip Einstein Lipski

And as mentioned before: Campaign of the year:

Oddset and Rejsen to Saturn split the prize.

Then the technical prizes:


Ulykkelig kærlighed, Burak Turan, Tryg, &Co, Bacon


Director of the year:

Somersby arctic and estate, Stylewear, Carlsberg, Robert/Boisen & Likeminded, Gosmack/Stylewear

Set-design of the year:

Drums, Christian Friedländer, Gajol/Toms, WDP, WDP

Sound-design of the year:

Ikea Home, Peter Albrectsen, Mads Heldtberg, Morten Green, Charlie Gaugler and Peter Peter, Ikea Worldwide US, Robert/Boisen Likeminded, Bacon Cph

Visuals/3D of the year:

Sport-Egern, Duckling v. Jonas Drehn, Carlsberg, &Co, Bacon Cph


One response to “The Winners of True Award

  1. Спасибо. Добавлено в закладки

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