Controversial Ad on Global Financial Crisis

Our client Bianco always loves to provoke and often gets attention on very daring ads.

Now they made a comment on the crisis. And their attitude towards this subject is quite like the one of the danish government. Keep spending money. We have to buy ourselves out of the crisis.

Interesting point. I have to reflect on that for a while, before making a stand. At least I agree on this. Buy more shoes. Always!


2 responses to “Controversial Ad on Global Financial Crisis

  1. We can’t spend our way out of this because we’ll never be awash with money that didn’t really exist in the first place ever again.

    However, for the Womens shoes category I’d be inclined to turn a blind eye.

  2. Good point. Noah Brier actually had a good post on this fictional economy a while ago. It was great.

    But for women shoes there is alway a way…:)

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